Holiday Prep, the practical part

It’s November and the office phone has started to ring with clients and friends realizing Holiday time is counting down. Do you have time to stage? Stop by? One of your assistants?

With two weeks until relatives, friends and co-workers descend upon homes, cottages, cabins, guest rooms for Thanksgiving Dinners & December Celebrations, we look for help.

Realize however that your home is already beautiful because YOU are in it!

That said:

  • Make a goal list – put it where you can see it, every day
  • Divide tasks into MUST do’s (food, beverages) versus WANT to do’s (redecorate the guest room, purchase 36 matching Royal Crown Derby Antique Place Settings at auction in London and have them shipped by November 12th)

    Fall Colors Greet You

  • Hire out what you can (florist, window washing, heavy cleaning for floors-ceilings-chandeliers, dog groomers)
  • Get the linens to pressers – today
  • Order online for home delivery what you can (Beverages, Additional Flowers, Centerpieces,
  • Enlist the help of a good friend who is not hosting Thanksgiving and likes to help
  • Stage your table options this week – try out several different options
  • Have your local jeweler polish the silver. A good relationship with them often includes pick up and delivery. Why we love local businesses!

Remember, your home is first and foremost a reflection of the heart with which you fill it.  If your heart is right, your home will reflect that, and nothing else will really matter.

Set out different styles, see what you like this year

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