Details Matter

Yesterday we shared a few pictures of colors, textures and ideas for refreshing your personal space.

We don’t really want to live in the Catalog, do we??

Pretty, but uninspiring

The truth is, we don’t live in magazine photos or retail displays. Lives can get messy and beds can go unmade (Gads!). I personally believe that if your bed is made, at least you’ve accomplished one thing….and that’s a good thing….maybe that’s why I am constantly (long time clients you know) reminding you to TEND TO, change and update those rooms!

A real Couture Chateau motto...

  • Pale delicate blue…or strong vibrant retro…which one???

    Be your own kind of beautiful

  • Add just one punch of color to the maize catalog look
  • Pale Blue or Retro Pop?
  • Choose one, both work just check out the color wheel if you don’t believe!

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