The Right Wreath

A favored client checked in yesterday from Missouri. Young, hip and ready to embrace the fall, she wanted to know how to make or where to buy that elusive front door wreath.

You know, the one that doesn’t look like a plastic relic from a double wide (unless of course you are going for the Air Stream Look, which in MTV’s Santa Monica Offices works amazingly), or one that looks as if it belongs on Ralph Lauren’s front door: so massive you need two men to open the door it hangs on.

You want the wreath that is appropriate to the setting, but reflects some effort and consideration of YOUR style!

A few tips:

  •  Go REAL. Honestly, a wreath isn’t meant to last for 5 years. A wreath is ‘hanging’ fresh flowers. Welcoming, honest and indicative of someone who is paying attention to their space.
  • Start with that good old-fashioned grape-vine. Any shape will do.
  • Go to the local fresh GROCER or your local FARMERS MARKET. There you will find beautiful small pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks.
  • Add those beautiful fresh ingredients to the grape-vine, leaving 2/3 of it bare.
  • Use colored floral wire, invest in a proper glue gun and give yourself some time to experiment.
  • Don’t expect perfection.
  • Hang with something unusual: a tassel tie back, a beautiful scarf, burlap, linen or even a few layers of grosgrain ribbon.
  • Enjoy!

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