Couture Chateau

The concept behind Couture Chateau is simple: There is only one you. Live your life custom.

Why the blog?

After 25 years of Decorating and Designing spaces for clients, I noticed the same issue over and over. We always had to address it head on for the project to be successful. If it wasn’t the project may photograph well, but it never lived the way the client thought it would. It never satisfied what they thought they were looking for.

No matter the client, no matter the budget, no matter the social standing, no matter the access: people want a home that is uniquely theirs….but struggle mightily to let go of the bombardment of rules, dictates, societal norms, desire to matter or “get it right” and inherited baggage that plagues them and keeps them from being free to live and dwell in their own spaces.

A home, a life, is not a uniform. As such, there is no one way to decorate.

There is no life change that occurs with a “perfect grey sofa”. There is no “reuse recycle” or “eco platform” that will transform your eternal resting place. Those changes come from within.

Our spaces can enhance the life we are meant to live, but sometimes the manic desire to live perfectly according to some paradigm destroys the very spirit we need to be the best we can be.

It roots out the individual. We are left with a dull, uninspired bland interior that neither breaks a rule or sets a heart on fire. Or worse, a space so filled with stuff that we are buried alive. Neither of those are freedom.

Why do we believe the catalog?!

We hope this blog becomes a place of encouragement, laughter and freedom!

Join us on the journey. May we all find our Couture Chateau.

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